Constitution of the Democracy of the Peoples of the World


of the DEMOCRACY of the


1. Proclamation of the Constitution

1.1 This Constitution is for and by the Peoples of the World.

2. Constitutional Purposes

2.1 This Constitution proclaims the Constitution Principles and Constitution Actions of the Peoples of the World.

3. Principles of the Peoples of the World

3.1 The Principles are Freedom, Equality and Security.

3.2 Freedom – Each person shall be free to act and think in any way provided a person’s actions do not interfere with another person’s access to the freedoms equalities and securities of this Constitution.

3.3 Equality – Each person shall have equal access to the necessities of life to enable each person to perform obligations and exercise rights in the fulfillment of their lives in society. This includes equal access to water, food and a home. Each person alone and in community shall have equal opportunity to socialize, learn, work, play and rest having regard to the person’s age and abilities and without regard to a person’s appearance, genetics and beliefs.

3.4 Security – Each person alone and in community shall at all times be safe in exercising these freedoms and equalities and shall help each other secure the freedoms and equalities of this Constitution.

4. Acts of the People of the World

4.1 The Peoples of the World shall act to make laws, to establish governing organisations, to adjudicate and to review for the protection of the Principles.

4.2 Laws include decrees, laws, rules, customs and codes of any kind for each person alone and in community.

4.3 Governing organisations include governments, departments, agencies, cabinets, committees, conventions, courts or other forms of organisation created by any person alone or in community, for the purpose of applying the Laws.

4.4 Adjudications include determinations, decisions, findings, judgments or other form of adjudication made by a person alone or in community for the resolution of issues arising from the application of the Laws by the Governing organisations.

4.5 Reviews of the Laws, Governing organisations and Adjudications shall be undertaken by any person alone or in community for the purpose of assessing and reporting on the effectiveness of the Laws, Governing organisations and Adjudications.

5. Constitution Regulations

Regulations may be made under this Constitution for the maintenance and advancement of the Principles and Acts under this Constitution.

Peoples of the World


37 responses to “Constitution of the Democracy of the Peoples of the World

  1. “Each person shall have equal access to the necessities of life” Too vague. that seems to be a breach in property rights!!!
    Also, laws vary with the variations in political environments and cultures of the states, there should be a mechanism to comply the differences.
    This is going to be way too complex!!!

    • Property rights are a creation to support the ‘haves’ as opposed to the ‘have nots’, and deny people access to natural resources that, once upon a time, we all had access to. When the English nobility decided that the forests of the countryside was theirs it meant that the every day people, like you and me, were forced to resort to theft- poaching- to get food to feed themselves and their families. If you were caught it was a very serious crime, and would be punishable, at the very minimum, with a loss of a hand or an exorbitant and crippling fine. I tell you this story to make you think- property rights are an INVENTION, and we think, at first glance, that they are necessary because we are used to them and we cannot see how another system would work. But free access to resources DOES work, and has worked, for millennia. True, it’ll be hard work to figure everything out- but anything worth doing is hard. It would be worse to do nothing. Our descendants will not accept ‘but it was too hard’ as an excuse, and neither should we. We will have to re-teach people not to be greedy, and to share. But where there is a will, there is a way. We need to live as a sharing community, not as selfish individuals.

      • Actually, the reason the people had to resort to theft or poaching was because their right to own property was not recognized. Property rights are an extension of your right to life and liberty. Poverty exists because the property rights of the individual are not recognized or protected. The example you gave above was of a government PREVENTING property rights.

      • In some areas of South Africa tribal laws are still valid. These areas have tribal authorities. The land is owned communally. The tribal authorities which consists of hereditary chiefs have the authority to allocate land for living and farming (grazing and planting) to individuals and families. As a member of the tribe, each adult have the right to their piece of land for living, planting and grazing. The grazing land, is communal. The living and planting spaces belong to families / individuals and are hereditary and can be sold to others. What is sold is not the land itself but the buildings and improvements on the land. But people normally did not sell because they preferred staying with people they know. In modern times there is an exodus to cities so that land go vacant. Vacant land which is not used, becomes part of communal property again and the tribal authorities will re-allocate the land to someone else that applies for it. So no land-speculation and absentee landlords. If you don’t use land productively and live there, you loose it as you are not actively contributing to the well-being of the tribe / community.

        So what normally happens is that families will have their own living space where they live and keep their animals at night. People don’t live on good farming or grazing land in general and they tend to stay close to each other. Before colonisation, there were dangerous animals about and of course, tribal warfare so people in a tribe would have the huts where they sleep close to each other. Each family will get a portion of the good farming land where they are free to farm as a family or with others in the tribe. The grassland that is not good for planting is communal grazing land. The young boys in the family are usually responsible for looking after a families cattle. But the cattle know the kraal at a family compound where they sleep and will tend to graze together in a herd with the other cattle that belong to a family. The area with fields normally has one big communal fence around it to protect produce from animals with markers in between family fields to show where one family’s fields ends and where another starts. To get land nowadays, a minimal once-off administration fee is paid which would be about 10USD. So no estate agents or absentee landlords making money by speculating.

        I personally believe, but have not really investigate it in detail, that similar systems existed in Europe before the Roman Empire gobbled up everything. These systems did exist for a long time after and for example in England the common land was only unlawfully occupied by the so called aristocracy after the 13th century C.E. The common land was used for grazing and hunting by all who belonged to a particular community.

        We can learn a lot from traditional societies who are still practising customs which harmonised social relations. European society was first traumatised by the occupations of their land by the Roman Empire and then even more severely traumatised by the Holy Roman Empire which ruled out of Rome through the Pope and Bishops with the assistance of feudal landlords and Kings for nearly 15 centuries. The Christianity that was adopted in Europe came with the Roman Empire and it was designed to be a state religion to control the masses. I think they realised that it is far more effective and easy to control people through a belief in a GOD they can’t see and who therefore cannot die, than through a belief in a godly emperor who is mortal, the Roman state religion before Christianity. The Romans realised this after seeing how fanatic the Jews in Palestine were about their monotheistic GOD and how the priests and rabbis used this belief to control the common Jews. The Jews would die fanatically to protect their religion. The Romans saw this and therefore promoted Christianity as the state religion when it became clear that their system was decaying. So the holy Roman Empire took over from the Roman Empire and ruled through the Pope in Rome, who was now the direct inheritor of the Apostle Peter’s leadership of the Christian Church and authority over all Christians, which was supposedly given to him by Christ directly. The Roman Empire continued as the Roman Catholic Church. And because they were the representatives of God on earth, their rule was absolute. And they collaborated with the ruling elite and rich merchants (bankers & traders) to control the masses and create a system of human slavery in Europe.

        This system is still in place. The Christian religion is not as powerful but the ruling elite (financial elite and their politicians) are now using corporate funded science and corporate controlled media as well as the structures of state to control most people on earth. Islam and Judaism exerts a stronger influence on the societies in which they operate, so are still used to control people. Through central banks and global institutions like the UN Security Council, the UN, IMF, WB, WTO, WHO and other global and UN Institutions, the Roman Empire has continued and evolved. Through the central banks which exists in all but three countries in the world, they manipulate world finances to their benefit and to keep ruling elites loyal to this system to be the rulers in most countries in the world. They currently use the USD as the global currency, linked to the most prized commodity of today, OIL. They use secret services of many countries in the world (primarily those allied to NATO, the British Commonwealth and NATO) to manipulate governments and their War Systems. At the moment, especially the USA, NATO, Commonwealth and Israeli War Machines are used to control the world and to keep errant governments in line. The wars in Iraq, Libya, Syria and the so-called colour revolutions in the Middle East and Eastern Europe, are recent examples of how this system operates. War is financially rewarding on many levels, it fills the coffers of companies who invest in weapons systems, those who are used for reconstruction after the war and those who profit from stolen resources. But it also is the ultimate system used to control people through fear.

        I sincerely believe that we don’t need a President of the World as one person is easily corruptible. Our current political systems are hierarchical as if you control the top layer, the rest are controlled as well. What we need is a devolution of power to local communities and systems that can function without rulers. Where leaders are only leaders when they lead and where anyone can lead when they have the knowledge and acceptance of the group they lead for a specific project. And where these leaders are always directly democratically elected out of a pool of people with expertise in a particular field relevant to a particular project. And where they lead by example with competence and not control through a fear based system. A system consisting out of general councils, much like the African tribal councils but without any hereditary system and no discriminatory rules. The general councils will be responsible for what we see as municipal matters. Out of these councils State or Provincial leaders will be elected and from them, National leaders. The State/Provincial councils will look at matters common to municipalities e.g. provincial roads. And the national council will be responsible for common national matters. The council systems can be regarded as horisontal systems. What will also be required are vertical systems. These will be guilds that will be based on professional skills of people much like trade unions, business associations, professional societies etc. These guilds will be responsible for expert advise for national and local strategies in their areas of expertise e.g. medical science research policy and institutions, as well as mutual regulations of their professions. To counter the effect of groups protecting the interests of their guild, consumer guilds will also be recognised for the clients of the guilds. The general councils at municipal, provincial/state and national level will serve as executive arms who will mediate between professional and consumer guilds and have the authority to implement restitutional justice based on their mediation of conflicts.

        All rules and laws will need the informed and free consent of people they apply to. The only exception will be three guidelines aimed to harmonise interaction between groups of people as well as people and the environment. These are:
        You must not injure or kill anyone.
        You must not steal or damage things owned by somebody else (this will include the environment which is common property of all people in an area).
        You must be honest in your dealings and not swindle anyone.
        This can be summarised in one phrase as, “do what you will but harm no-one” (including yourself).

        When these common laws are broken, the community councils, with the input of experts from guilds as required, will commence a hearing aimed at restitutional not punitive justice, it is to reverse the damage done as far as possible. The punishment comes through reversing the damage. And where rehabilitation of a person is required, it should be done with wisdom and caring to ensure that the offender can continue to live and work in his community as an asset to the community

        But all this can only work in a caring society where all will look out for all those around them, treat each other and the environment with compassion and respect. The aim will be peace and prosperity for all, not for only an elected few. Which never have peace anyway if others don’t have it.

  2. there’s nothing saying here about freedom to choose religion, is this the frame work of one world government? one world currency and one world religion?

    • @ting herera
      That falls under 3.2: “Each person shall be free to … think in any way…”
      This is not the framework of “one” anything. This constitution is designed so that various governments, currencies and religions can co-exist more harmoniously than they currently are.

      • I have no problem with trying to save the planet and all that good stuff. However, this Constitution sounds more like what we’re already seeing in the USA today. Unless I misunderstood, it would grant people that don’t want to work the same access to the things that hardworking Americans bust their tails just to survive mainly because of government involvement. The video that led me here made a lot of sense. But this Constitution is way too vague and benefits the slackers that already take advantage of our system here in the US.
        We already have a Constitution that would work fine if the Federal Government’s powers were limited as intended by the Constitution. Water is a natural resource that should be free, however it costs to distribute. Food on the other hand doesn’t just grow itself. It takes hard work and also has to be distributed. So please feel free to explain exactly how you plan to accomplish this with equality for all???

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  5. The concept of President of the world if wrong, the billions of people of earth must give authority to a union of councils that represent the world. Never One individual representative, this is contrary to a democratic concept and is just a way to create a worldwide dictatorship, this videos are full of truly description but surely one single power never will solve this in the right way.

    • I think you’ve missed the point here, Bertein. It is not about the people of the world giving up authority to a council of unions- we cannot give up the authority because we don’t have any authority. It is already in the hands of small councils- our governments. This is not a movement that is trying to actually CREATE a president of the world, it is trying to give the power back to the people by giving them a say, and not ignoring them when they say it. This movement is not about creating a single power, but rather about diversifying it, and spreading it at a community level. This is not an actual political party or organisation, it is a metaphor to encourage humanity to think as one species who all deserve basic rights, freedoms, and security, who all have hopes, fears, and dreams, instead of us thinking of ourselves as different from strangers, our neighbours, our mentors, because we’re not different. We’re all basically the same. Sure, we have different ideas and opinions, but we all are human. “If you cut me, do I not bleed?” The point of this exersize is that it is time that humanity started treating each other with kindness, respect, and equality. We are all human. It is time we were human together.

      • I think I have t agree with Bertien on this one. I see your point and what you’re getting at. I just really can’t see how this could possibly work. If we simply got back to our Constitution which provides equality to all and do away with all of the laws that go against it we’d possibly get back on track. We can’t force our beliefs upon other countries and you sure as heck can’t expect the US to just simply shred the Constitution that our country was built upon. How do you think we got into the mess we’re in today, simply because money has been involved in the majority of laws that we now have upon the books.

        The Constitution grants every person the opportunity to provide for themselves and their families. Those that can’t provide for themselves are helped by those that are able to do so. The ones that are too lazy to provide for themselves, eventually will have to get and do something or resort to stealing. Which would be an infringement upon someone else punishable by law within their state. Free markets without all of the government red tape is the only way that I can see getting us back on track.

        I always see people trying to make things better, but the solutions always come from taking away from one to give to another. How is this equality in any shape or form???

  6. My name is Graeme Kilshaw. My idea is called the Friendship Cube. The friendship cube influences global education, communications, and business. By saving paper, our friendship cube also protects and conserves our one global environment. We have the solution and would like you to help us participate in participatory global democracy, peace, and sustainable development. Lets make the friendship cube project an international success based upon democratic social media principles.

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  8. the world needs such an organisation. I suggest that the Africans should be given the first priority and be educated on democracy. military and financial help can not solve dictatorship but education on democracy can help.

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  10. Corporations should be entirely separate from government- lobbying should be illegal- In its place, everything that is important enough to become law should be given to the people to vote on – especially in the technology age where most people have access to the internet in some form or another, important societal issues should be voted on by the people not the corporate sponsored government representatives.

  11. Free Trade agreements shall extend to business operating taxes. Businesses are struggling to survive due to extreme operational regulations that are not related to business but methods for the government to further its hand on operations. All institutions should be safe, free from violence, and provide a wage that the market will bear with respect to economic conditions. However, we the people are much more effective in making these happen by choosing to work and do business with organizations that are considerate of the human condition. The power of choice, not legislation should be the dictate of regulations for small businesses.

  12. Should there be a world government, there needs to be a representative from each country that is involved in the decision making process. The United States should have a panel of a minimum of 5 people representing the office of the President for the US. There is too much power concentrated in the hands of the few- and the congress should have a complete turn over every other term. This allows for learning and achieving goals without new ideas being thrown out for tenure and established corporate pirates pretending to be representing the people.

  13. Each person shall have the right to bear arms to protect property, family and those who cannot defend themselves. The right to bear arms allows for the procurement, maintenance and use of force when all other diplomatic options have been exhausted. The right to bear arms provides citizens the opportunity to protect against unlawful infringement of established rights and responsibilities afforded to each person.

    • That sounds like you want things to pretty much remain the same. Use of Force is still the objective. We haven’t gotten too far with that.

      • We haven’t gotten far with that because our government uses force to infringe upon our rights granted by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment gives us the right to protect our selves as well as the property that we have worked to have. It’s main purpose however, is to defend against a tyrannical government which takes the rights of a minority by vote of the majority. I feel that this is a huge part of the problem. The government nor does anyone else have the right to tell you what you can and can’t do, as long as you aren’t infringing upon the rights of others. A true free society has laws that protect individual rights just as our Constitutional Republic was intended to do. We have let the corporations and banks take over our country and most won’t do a darned thing about it. They are too wrapped up in American Idol or whatever else to give a flip.

    • Unfortunately, until we can actually change the social paradigm, and basically breed greed out of the species, then there will be a need to protect oneself form those that don’t “get it” in the new way of the world. This may take a generation or two, or three. Also, we have no guarantees that those we may encounter from other than Earth locations always have our best interests at heart. Moderation in all things, because change takes time.

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  15. I would like to see serious discussion about Full Disclosure and Free Energy. What happened to the car out of Japan that ran on NOTHING BUT WATER??! One litre takes you 100km. Any Kind of water!

    NO more “short-selling” and other divisive tactics to become enriched off of anothers’ suffering. I fear that once again, the last one is a matter of attempting to legislate morality, that has proven useless.

    The ENTIRE notion of Competition for Anything to do with Survival, must find an end.
    This is my dream; If you are born here, you are GUARANTEED an Education, Superb Health Care, Quality Food, Clean Water, and a Safe Warm shelter. The results of THRIVING would be actively sought. Laboring to survive would be seen as draconian, and to allow Anyone to go without good dental and health care would be inconceivable. The World’s resources would be shared EQUALLY the globe over, no more claiming “Ownership” over what we ALL need to survive.

    I don’t think we can get to a place called True Peace and Utopia with a gun tucked in our shoe.

    • Exactly how are you planing to enforce your new world government? By saying please? Unfortunately the utopian mind only sees half of every situation, and it normally isn’t the reality half.

  16. Love and light is the only way to a united globe! Why all this anger? Let it go and start acting as intelligent creatures.

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  18. Democracy is, essentially, mob rule. An individual’s rights cannot successfully be safeguarded in a “majority rules” situation. Further, the larger a group, the more difficult is is to govern well. I don’t see that world democracy would be workable.

    The problem with the world, and individual countries, states and communities, as they are now,is a lack of personal responsibility and a low ethics level. These cannot be legislated or mandated. Only education regarding personal ethics will result in any major change in the way people interact with one another. One very simple,non-religious book on the subject is The Way To Happiness by L Ron Hubbard. the more advanced study of ethics is in L. Ron Hubbard’s book An Introduction to Scientology Ethics. These, and any similar materials on the subject of one’s own responsibility for his personal ethical behavior are critical reading, if we are to improve attitudes and behaviors between individuals.

    • Thanks for your comment Greatshades. Your contribution as to how and whether governance on global issues can be improved is a valuable insight, and certainly no less worthy an opinion than anyone else’s.
      To explain your opinion to the broader community and to see how widely your view is supported, you could place it in the ‘global democracy’ category at Interestingly, other voting on that site suggests that the majority of people will agree with you. According to the site, the majority seem to want improved education at an individual level, the safeguarding of individual rights and improved relations between people. Darn unruly mob!

    • Who should rule until we all have read Ron’s book? The Church of Scientology? And once I have read and understood Ron’s book, how do I pass the test? Can I then take part in ruling the world? Or at least register as a voter. How will the world be governed? By whom? What system is preferable to democracy in your opinion?

      I do agree with your point about ethics, but I personally think most people are ethical. We all want to be accepted by others and need others to survive. It is the small elite who rules us all who are not ethical and think they are more special than others and can therefore tell others what to do and for that privilige take whatever they need when they need it. A one sentence ethical principle is “Do what you want, but harm nothing & no-one (including yourself).” Of course, it is critical to understand what “harm” is. But I think other people will quickly tell you if you harm them or the environment. And of course, one can use science to determine environmental harm etc.

      Democracy is a way of finding out what people’s opinions are on an issue and also to make a decision regarding a particular issue. If you have any association, how will members of that association make decisions? Consensus of all is one way but sometimes that can take years to get there and people can use consensus to obstruct things so that they can have their way (of course, someone who don’t agree with the decision should not be forced to go along with the decision. Or shall only the ones with the best morals be allowed to make the decisions?. And if there are five and they differ, how will they in the end decide? By voting? That will be democracy won’t it? Even worse, let the LEADER caste a single vote. And then he forces everyone to do what the leader think is the best. Voting on a topic is simply a way to find out what the majority opinion is. Of course, any voting should be preceded by proper discussion of a matter. Our experience of Democracy as it is currently exercised in most so-called democratic countries is dismal. That is because it is representative democracy. We vote for a party or a candidate of party once say every 5 years. Then that person can introduce legislation or vote on legislation without consulting those who voted for him/her. Their voting in the end is mostly influenced on what their party tells them to vote for or what powerful interest groups are telling the party leadership to vote for as they give huge sums of money to the party if they implement their ideas and will. Representative democracy is a scam which makes us think that the government governs for the benefit of all the people. However, it is only a system to enforce the interest of the ruling class. That’s all.

      We need a system of Direct Democracy where voters can vote on all legislation directly. Using an open source or free software development model, fail safe, reliable and tamper proof voting systems can be developed. There is also a suggestion to allocate an anonymous voting number to each voter so that we can see if our vote has been altered or not. But each vote should be open to inspection by any party or trusted institutions. But this will not be sufficient. We also need in my view a system of local councils which will be a direct democracy forum where each eligible voter can take part in. These councils will be run by officials who live in a community and is voted in by people in their community for a specific term. No parties will be needed as this will be done for small not large areas. From these municipal officials representatives will be elected for provincial / state government and from them representatives for national government. All legislation will still have to be passed by a direct democracy vote. But for a specific municipality or province / state only people who are registered in a specific municipality or province are eligible to vote. All voters can vote on national legislation. If this is to cumbersome, voters can vote on policy frameworks. So that representatives can then vote on and implement legislation based on the policy framework. If legislation does not comply with the policy framework, it will be revoked.

      Besides the local councils, professional guilds similar to trade unions, business and professional associations should also be formed. Consumer councils should also be formed for each of these guilds. E.g. if you have a teachers’ guild, the consumer council will be a parents association. For the healthcare professions, there will be medical aid & patients councils. The purpose of the consumer councils will be to provide guidance to guilds to what service they want from them, to be part of decisions that guilds make that affect their clients and to bring complaints about guild members to the guild associations so that restitution can be made if required. Guilds will again be broken up into municipal, provincial and national chapters. The purpose of the guilds is to provide professional input for all legislation in matters affecting these guilds. Also to ensure professional conduct for their members and to negotiate with other bodies on behalf of their members. The guilds should also support their members with education and to help & support members to create businesses or to find work. In all these bodies, direct democracy software systems should be implemented to enable members to vote directly on matters.

      The purpose of all this is to make people responsible for their own lives by giving them the responsibility to make decisions on all matters that affect their lives. And to ensure that no-one force others to do things against their will. Free and informed consent, not fear based consent, should be the basis of all social agreements. Which is what is needed to ensure harmony between people in a group or between groups of people.


    The Father and the Son of a Man and the Holy Spirit

    Is there anybody out there?

    Who created the earth and the heavenly bodies, the sun, the stars, the sky, the earth where all plants and animals, and of course us as human kind form where the creator wants to dwell so that this life must be forever?

    Is there anybody out there?

    Who created the oceans that have fish, and oceans plants?

    Who created the mountains with animals and with trees too?

    Who created the landscape land for safe dwelling of humankind form with supposed to have full of trees that have fruit of life that is specific food for humankind so that this life will be forever?

    Is there anybody or anyone of you who created this all creation?

    Who is the creator therefore?

    “Here it comes sand here it to let we all go as one”

    We are only one on this world and no one can divide us…

    We are all parts of the creator’s flesh and blood and the creator well blessed us all as you think upon the truth I found. You will be enlightened forever.

    Every one of us on this generation is created by the creator that you all from different generation named the creator on different names and illustrate it with different illusions. As one of this, you divide the world, and you will all divide your thinking of which is which to praise.

    We are all one, we are all created by one and that’s… “The Creator”

    The creator that gives life’

    The creator wants this humankind form to live forever.

    Nobody all over the world has a sin, and will never have a sin forever because the creator is a perfect forgiver.

    “All what happen from the past and the present is not a will of the creator”

    The will of the creator is everlasting joy of the life.”


    Who are you all in this world?

    What are you doing now on this world?

    Are you the one that supposed to example to other creator, to have equality so that there is no greater to all, that this will provokes fighting then killed other creator’s and kill you’re the same humankind form?

    Why is this happen?

    Are you as humankind created to have a self destruction or you call it destiny?

    You are all children’s of the creator, are you?

    You are all children’s of the creator that supposed to take care of all creations and multiply, are you?

    You are all the children’s of the creator that supposed to talk all about things now so that the family of humankind will be forever and supposed to teach other creator the life that will ever last, which is the will of the creator.

    How we must live then?

    Do we must live to the highest mountains so that all the animals will live to where we must be?

    Do we must live to the water like river, lakes and oceans so that we have created another place where the different fish must live?

    Do we must eat the food that supposed to the fish and animals so that they can without your cages, fishponds and aquariums?

    Do we must eat the fish and animals? Do they have no freedom too, like us to live forever?

    What is our difference to the fish and animals?

    Do we all this earth, the plants and animals have different world?

    Do we all live on one? That we, the humankind form live on different places and that is “the seven continents” and that is just like a big house with seven rooms?

    Do we not affected to our neighbor rooms when the other rooms starting to be damage, to be cracked down, to be burn, to have smoked, to be flooded, to be ruined by tsunami and hurricane that causes poverty, sickness, and war and now, worldwide economic turmoil?

    Do we must travel faraway around the world, around the universe to look for food, or a place that we will be contented?

    Do we must still travel and travel faraway, and wait up to the last to be ruined by earthquake, floods, tsunami, hurricane and still now the world do not accept that those catastrophes are humankind creations?

    What does our parent want to us, as their children?

    What do we want as parents to our children, our grandchildren and the next generations?

    Is it the life is the will of the creator?

    Is it the death is the will of the creator?

    And is it the miracles that make you are all dying on waiting on that miracle?

    Is there greater miracle other than this life? The will to shine upon you all that you will be the one to seek, to create us to multiply all living things, to landscape again the whole world as we are children of the creator as we call the creator on different names?

    Death means nothing, is it?

    Do you all still believe that you must wait for a miracle that is not belonging to the life, a life that must be true?

    Where is now the miracle?

    What if you still believe that as you interpreted what you read that there is life other than this life on this world or on this generation?

    What will happen then?

    Is it kept on waiting or we all must have our willingness as we are all belonging to the children of creator?

    What will happen then?

    If we are still on all of different willingness but turning all to one fall and that’s death.

    What will happen then if we are the world, as one family to start the end of turning the world to non living things which causes all wrong doing that causes all catastrophes ever since that world begun?

    What will happen then if we are the world, as one family to start the beginning of turning all living things to multiply, to plant the world, on sea side, on side by side or rivers and lakes the specific food for humankind and that is the coconut tree once and for all, no marketing and no banking?

    Is there poverty then than cause’s war?

    Is there fighting then if you all this world will be lightened then?

    Is there anybody out there who wants there creation to be ruined?
    Is there anybody out there, you parents wants to your children to struggle and to death?

    Is there anybody out there you parents want to your children to ruin their rooms as the world turning now to economic turmoil?

    Is there anybody out there you parents want to abandon your children?

    Is there anybody out there who can successfully gather the truth of this life even your surroundings is full of temptations, full of ending heroes, ending your thinking as you feel that you’re near to your death and ask again the creator, why you are letting me like this?

    Is there anybody out there who wants and endless joy, endless peace and endless abundant free food for humankind?

    Is there anybody out there who wants to live on the will of the creator?

    What is right and what is wrong?

    “It is your own will”…and

    It is upon your will again to survive the death that all heading for. Yes, you don’t’ supposed want to die too… Is there anybody out there who wants this life to end?

    Yes, the creator dwells with us and will start to only one but could not live alone forever; I want to live with you all forevermore.

    We all created to one home, a world that could not be separated by anyone of you, and a world that is now ruined by the willingness of the humankind to be modern.

    Modern life honored yourself as a talented to this kind of life and not the life that I am begging to you as I always picturing it out to the whole world’s thinking.

    The words of illusions that destroyed the mind of all humankind and not ever existed just a dream that on one click, I will divide the sea, I will make the blind eyes to see, I will make the dead to have life again, I medicated the sick, I will walk at the top of the sea, I will be back from the sky with the cloud as my transportation, I will going to all nations and shout “shout, ready you ha I’m talking to you all”… is that’s what you are all waiting?

    Look what happen now around the world, still waiting for miracle!!!

    Do you want to teach that your children or the true life no within yourself.

    That the world is keep on waiting the miracle as they ruined all living things and think of this as to invent it to become non living things.

    Your willingness to put the truth on your minds, all your minds is a cloud that it will transport it to the truth if you ear to hear and id if you have eyes to see a true story.

    Do you want to suffer again to the one who brings truth to the world?

    Do you let the one who brings truth to the world, to be hungry just to concentrate his whole day and night life to think what kind of word he will use to think what kind of word he will use so that he could be recognized and pay attention now to the truth that he is picturing it out on the whole world.

    Picturing it out on how you ruined your flesh and blood is the same as you ruined the earth as you ruined words of the creator by all messenger as prophets to you. And you ruined Jesus as you keep on thinking and writing miracle way.

    And this is the way now!

    Could we start now my brothers and sisters on this generation?

    Could you all give up on the way your life today that you finally conclude and have a remarks that all of your doing is turning to nothing?

    No miracle other than this life to be forever on this world on this generation.

    Scripted miracle ruined the thinking of the humankind minds.

    Scripted miracle used to have money sympathizers, believers, power to all mankind and bring many different discrimination and misunderstanding.

    No miracle at all…Just the life, the truth of life so that it will be forever, just live and have everlasting joy if you have mercy to me too.

    It is upon your will now on this generation if you want to love my words of truth.

    I am just an ordinary son of a man.

    Your slave on this generation because I want to share the happiness that I could see the tears of joy, the love and peace that thus world have not encountered ever since.

    Your mind will be the cloud of the truth.

    It is your will now on this generation how to organize and oneness on broadcasting it live on all kinds of network that you have this days that this cloud of truth will freely flow around the world.

    Is there anybody out there who wants to be a true servant… a true slave?

    Is there anybody out there who wants to be the first four angels coming from my east, on the west, on the north and on the south?

    Is there anybody out there to be the first seven angels of the seven continents?

    Is there anybody out there who wants to be the first twenty four olds to bear witness on this life, on the truth that I found who wants an everlasting life?

    Is there anybody out there who wants to be the first two hundred forty four stone as the foundation of the truth to their respective countries?
    This is just as simple as I will reunite once again and forever the whole compound or clan of seven different families.

    Come eat me, drink me, this is my body that will be given to all on this generation.

    Be glad and have joyful end of struggling world.

    This is the beginning…

    The book of revelation is a book of life just to remind you, do not do it again.

    And this is the truth now

    The creator created the default period, the default climate of the heaven and earth within their respective layer with their specific temperature from the deepest sea and to the highest mountains and to the sky above.

    And on their different places I mentioned where there is a specific gravity to hold tight and connected to one another so that this heaven and earth will not be separated to its other that supposed to multiply as become bigger and bigger as to multiply the living things within, and will be forever and everlasting life…

    And where you should think the place you could dwell on it as humankind?

    And where you should plant your food, a tree of life to feed the humankind that surely specific for the human body. So that no sickness at all. No cooking required no eating meat of fish, fowls and all animals that have blood too. And also no eating of their respective fruit of life for them created by the creator specific for them to live forever more. So that you could teach them not to quarrel and eat one another as you keep on killing one another on this world of love?

    Do the creators have also a freedom to dwell on earth and heaven forever too?

    Where do you get the materials of your shelter as the birds create their own nest? So that you will stop to ruin the whole world…Think and within this words of wisdom you could find the answer you say to me you are all greater than to all animals?

    Do you need to create billions of vehicles that came from the parts of the mountains that supposed you don’t have to destroy it because there is a created creator need this mountain to dwell within and so that you will not to create zoos for them to lock them from their freedom to live?

    Did you estimated from long time ago the one that you ruined on on-going inventions and creating living things turning it to non living things?

    Do you need to dig, rig the oil, the gold, the silver, the metal…all minerals that have a purposed of the creator that the creator created it billion years ago so that this earth will run to its default temperature…and so? Do this are the causes of volcanic eruption, earthquake, and tsunami…is it?

    Do you need to go through around the universe that you don’t supposed like to make a hole on the roof of this earth that causes hurricane, heavy rain, heavy heat, flood and fire?

    Does the earth need to live again so that it will go bigger and bigger as the living things with in it could multiply without traffic jams and squatters too?
    Do you need more kind of education you created so that you fall to struggling studies that you all have a remarks that there’s is no endless solutions than to face me from the truth I found…


    You educate yourself as you don’t suppose to like it…to destroy the heaven and earth…and me again.

    Now, those inventors, those president, those pastors, those priest, those who ruled this world, Where you all heading for? Do the people divide on thinking and also on living?

    Where you going to go now?

    Have mercy on me and peace be with you all!


    This is the present status of life on this moment of time

    “What your ancestors did to Jesus before is still repeatedly to the holy spirit today”

    Did you give him a time to explain everything?

    Did you face him?

    Did you tie him?

    Did you jail him?

    Did you betray him?

    Did you give him food on your kind of world that does not have that he wanted to give and forgive?

    Did you want him again to die?

    This is what as of now going on

    The praise that you are giving to your heroes and saints is not the praise that I want too.

    What I want you are to survive by putting on yourself that you cannot be separated from all of on this heaven and earth to live so than if you think of that you will live forever more.

    And if I will die again,

    What will happen again to you all?

    Is it you will be separated again from one another?

    And I already said and remind you

    All again that this heaven and earth

    Will stop turning any moment because you don’t want to listen and still listening to yourself…

    The conclusion and remarks of this all is that my body, my blood and spirit is a switch that will this heaven and earth will passed away but my words will not.

    This is another truth to support your thinking…

    You don’t want still the will of the creator on your kind or world.

    Still your own will
    Still the president’s will
    Still the popes will
    Still the priest will
    Still the pastors will
    Still the kings will
    Still the rich will
    Still the poor will
    Still the trillion of will that all will turn to nothing…

    All of you are against my will that this kind of world to turn it to everlasting life.

    I already said and once more again and again…
    This is a true life
    This is not a miracle life
    Do not say that I have a power to turn this world just one click

    You are all God too
    If you will also turn your mind now on facing me and not what you are keeping and doing today
    You all are nothing and still sleeping and dreaming to become great above the creator.

    I need you all to this…

    To blew the wrong candle on the cake on the same time so that it will be darkened and let me light it upon your mind all of you in this world just one day.
    You all are blessed by the spirit within me that you are all a children’s of God; you are all passenger of this journey to the everlasting life…

    Fasten your seat belts!!!

    Let me drive you again

    To all! I’m hungry with your love

    The love of all…please

    I will make you rest assured

    The Author

    The created by the creator to redeem this world to the will…
    “A will that this life must ever last”

    I am not here to be your God
    I am not here to be your Lord
    I am not here to be your ruler
    I am not here to be your superior to all or a superhero
    I am not here to make a miracle that our ancestors scripted it to have power to all, to be great, to be adorn, to be praised and to be offered by different rituals, traditions, nor plenty of everything, like artificial food, money, modern life, and to be your leader.

    I am not here to beg this kind of everything…

    I am here to beg for your life and simply just to remind, to reveal and to redeem the heaven and earth.

    And when do you want to start?

    When you are dead caused by all catastrophes?

    I am the revelation of the true to life story of Jesus…

    “I am here again”

    Let us now trace the family world as you do your family tree so that it will not be wrong again…

    From Adam to Jesus, Jesus and to me…

    Take the Book of Matthew, Marcos and Luke…on Matthew Chapter 12 and Chapter 13; on Marcos Chapter 3 and Chapter 6; on Luke, Chapter 4 and Chapter 8.

    Jesus is the way upon the true things
    He is saying before and now it’s happening…
    Take the book of Luke Chapter 21.

    And that He promise to the world is the Book of John Chapter 14, Chapter 13, Chapter 16, and Chapter 17.

    The Book of the Revelation is the guide and light to have an everlasting life.

    And to take references to those written on the book of the Koran that was written by Abraham, the history of which no argument to be made by those racial discrimination of which everything happens, because God for reasons beyond human understanding has willed it to happen.

    The reason why, you are gifted to have freedom to choose, freewill to create too, you all turn the living things to non living things.

    This is the hell – if you have burden of problems, economic turmoil, worldwide catastrophes and putting yourself to a destiny that you want and that is to be dead.

    This is the paradise – humbling you upon the truth I found…

    The generation now on this world the life that can be forever


    Picturing it out to you

    Look at the specialized doctor of the body of the humankind

    The specialized doctor could diagnose on the parts of your body which is not malfunctioning of the specialized doctor will warning you about the parts of your body turning to be ruined.

    As specialized mechanic for the engine motor the same as the mechanic could detect where and when the block of the engine will have cracked.

    Are you the son of a man? Do I am the son of a man?

    The truth I found will tell you all…

    • Christianity is a scam invented by the Romans to control the people in their Empire. The system has created a lot of damage all over the world. Christianity was used by Europeans later to colonise the world. And to rob cultures all over the world of their own cultural symbols and beliefs. And of course to steal their land and resources. Suppose this is because Christianity robbed them of their own European pagan culture. Why should Europeans adopt the the Bible and Christianity. It is a Jewish story, it is for them if they want it, for no-one else. Christianity has a very bad track record. It is seldom used to guide people to do good. All that is important from Christianity is the moral ethics of “do onto others like you want others to do onto you”. And love yourself as if you can’t love yourself, you cannot love others. And love GOD, because GOD is ALL THAT IS, you and me included. Sadly, in the long history of Christianity, these beautifull ethics has seldom been used.

      If the story is true, no-one killed Jesus because, as the story goes, he knew he will betrayed by Judas. So he commited suicide. And why would GOD, if he is a loving GOD, would want his only son to be crucified? It is a blood sacrifice. Will you sacrifice your son’s life? Why does the GOD of Christianity not sacrifice himself. That is much more noble than sacrificing others. Do not see this as blasphemy. The true blasphemy is peoples delusions. And that they write books like the Bible as if they know everything about God. To think that they understand the universe and what God’s will is. To think they can claim to be prophets to know what God’s will is for others. The world has to many people who think they know God’s will for others. And if you know God’s will, then all who don’t agree with you is not only wrong, they are actually sinning against God. And then you can kill them in the name of God. GOD is the ultimate mystery. No book or words of ordinary mortals can describe or contain him. It is his/her creation that is his manifestation and guide to all people. Observe nature and from that you will know God’s will. Horses don’t kill horses do they? And lions don’t kill lions. Why do we kill each other? If we live in harmony with nature, nature provides. It is cause and effect. All the knowledge of God is written in nature. The so called prophets and priests are deluded power freaks. Christianity has created much more harm than good since it came in existence.

  20. THE LIFE

    Thursday, December 29, 2011

    Free from:

    Different Principles

    How to become great, most, and superior to one another?

    Who will be the true, the way on this kind of life?

    What you thing off (SPIRIT)? Is it for the good of all in this life or for the good of only few, many, group or a country?

    We’re you all heading? Is it towards the will of the CREATOR or towards the will of selfishness?


    The Earthquake that destroyed the world you’ve dream to become.

    The Volcanic eruption that remind you that the heaven and earth is in overuse or there is something wrong?

    The Tsunami

    The Hurricane

    The Fire

    The Flood

    This are all the causes that the world turning to economic turmoil.

    That the world suffering from sickness, poverty, war in words (debating/religion), war kingdom to its kingdom, war kingdom to another kingdom and war to own your own self.

    This is the everlasting truth and forever good/new news to all of you.

    “ALL OF YOU PARENTS IN THIS KIND OF WORLD, do you want to be born your children’s to struggle unto death to have life? Do you want to be born your children to grew, and just by the earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami, hurricane, flood, accident, sickness, and self destruction will turn to nothing unto death?”

    You are all wrong, WHO IS THE ALMIGHTY CREATOR? That is the first fault, but not your sin still.

    The CREATOR dwelled with us on different places, different races, different period, and different attitude/status so that the creator will find out the truth on why you are struggling on this joyful heaven.



    The CREATOR dwelled again to find a “way” to re-unite you all in this kind on a shorter time so that you may not struggle more and maybe deleted.

    The CREATOR dwelled again, without nothing like what you have in this kind of world so that the CREATOR could live many people on different places were the creator must to manage the rhyming the word to the status of your situation.

    Without a power of any sets that you have on this world, like king, president, priest, pastor or any subordinate powers to all of this.

    Nevertheless, the CREATOR has a power to forgive, humble, knock on you again and begging.

    The CREATOR manage to dwelled to many even they don’t still understand the motive why the creator let that moments to be unlike by people were he dwells.

    Even until now as this moment, is approaching the creator to the death, just because he is just a true human that can guide a true human too and not a superhero like you dreamed instead?

    COME all of you and witness…so that you may not be wrong again.

    Please…Peace is with you…!

    The CREATOR is here again that dwells on a mouth of humankind were the truth comes from and do not take advantage to the truth that make money out of it, do not share it that you are the one who think this truth and broadcasting on a matter of being a beggar.

    I am not here to frighten you.

    I am not here to judge or teach you.

    I am here as your servant to ask you all and remind you then what your ancestors did to me is doing with you with others just because of to be most and powerful.

    To picture it out again, just like watching stories on the TV.

    The CREATOR is a giver and forgiver and it will give again his life as a humankind form that if you going to choose it rather than to open your helping hands.

    Do you want to do it again as if your ancestors did to all that the creators send in this world?

    I found out that the world has so many trillions of different explanation and reasoning to your kind of life and it is very hard to truth that will enter to useless world, useless reasoning, and trillion of principles that fall to one path, and that’s to nothing.














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  22. “Each person shall have equal access to the necessities of life to enable each person to perform obligations and exercise rights in the fulfillment of their lives in society. This includes equal access to water, food and a home”
    Sounds good, I think I want to live in the back half of Bill Gates’s mansion!

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