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  1. Who are you? Which institutions and persons are part of this initiative? no information about it on your website

    • The real name is “People of the World”… Unfortunately due to the hostility and hysteria from fundamental Christians, the volunteers who are trying to help this concept – and, in turn, promote equality throughout the world – prefer to remain anonymous. But none of the volunteers have any ties to political, elitist or religious groups and none are in the “1%”. You can also see that the concept only has social media as a foundation so any wrong doing on behalf of the people would only destroy the concept.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. True transparancey requires full disclosure of individuals who claim to be spokespersons for the world. Unfortunately i will not come on board unless i feel you are being truly transparent. I await full disclosure so i may feel comfort on joining your group. Furthermore why are you afraid of christians if your cause is noble?

  3. True transparency requires full disclosure and transparency from those who claim to be representing others views. I await this disclosure so i may feel comfort i have your organization. Furthermore why are you afraid of christians? It seems your cause is noble?

  4. Sorry maby you misunderstood my question. I am inquiring of what the name of the person who is called spokesperson for Global Democracy’s “President of the World” is as it seems to be him we are trusting .
    I understand you are a collective organization, and that it only the collective tally of the people, who is the guy..
    You told me you were afraid to mention any names since their are fundamental christians who have issues with you.
    So what. Your in the public opinion. Id like to know who it is people are trusting.

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