The Problem With Global Institutions

The problem with the global institutions we already have and have had is that they all fail to maintain the integrity of the processes by which they are supposed to operate.

The pattern is always the same (as it regrettably generally follows human failings).

Most of the global institutions…

…firstly are established with the best of intentions

… secondly they do a few good things, score a few little wins and then use marketing graduates and lawyers to promote themselves to the world as saints

… thirdly they receive support from other do-gooders and get funded and resourced to do more

… fourthly, they build bureaucracies to leverage actions and words to do more – fifthly they attract the crooks and sharks because they are well funded and naive

… sixthly the few good people left in the institutions leave because they see the start of corruption and wasteage in the institution and they get kicked out anyway because they are marked

… seventhly the snakeoil salesman move in to smooth the waters of discontent and to maintain funding for the fat cats, sharks and crooks and pirates

… eighthly the snipers (metaphorically speaking of course) are employed to take out any remaining dogooders who could squeal and upset the party by leaking the truth

… ninthly the institution is left alone because it is so big and powerful that it cannot be questioned and it has its own security forces anyway

… tenthly it runs for as long as it can suck the world dry along with its team mates and buddies until it either implodes through internal self destruction and violence, or is destroyed by wartime.  After its destruction and after many deaths of good (but lazy) people by bad people, the environment either goes black for a while (as everyone is tired) or we start again at step 1.

The only way to prevent this boom bust lifecycle is establishing a self regulating and self checking process of institutional integrity, which hopefully will come sooner rather than later.

Such a process does not involve Presidents, revolutions, socialisms, capitalisms etc. It requires only sound thinking, a few smart strategies and a few resources in the right places to implement the process, the rest will follow for as long as the POW seek equality freedoms and security, and in accordance with humanity’s 96/4 rule.