Constitution of the Democracy of the Peoples of the World


of the DEMOCRACY of the


1. Proclamation of the Constitution

1.1 This Constitution is for and by the Peoples of the World.

2. Constitutional Purposes

2.1 This Constitution proclaims the Constitution Principles and Constitution Actions of the Peoples of the World.

3. Principles of the Peoples of the World

3.1 The Principles are Freedom, Equality and Security.

3.2 Freedom – Each person shall be free to act and think in any way provided a person’s actions do not interfere with another person’s access to the freedoms equalities and securities of this Constitution.

3.3 Equality – Each person shall have equal access to the necessities of life to enable each person to perform obligations and exercise rights in the fulfillment of their lives in society. This includes equal access to water, food and a home. Each person alone and in community shall have equal opportunity to socialize, learn, work, play and rest having regard to the person’s age and abilities and without regard to a person’s appearance, genetics and beliefs.

3.4 Security – Each person alone and in community shall at all times be safe in exercising these freedoms and equalities and shall help each other secure the freedoms and equalities of this Constitution.

4. Acts of the People of the World

4.1 The Peoples of the World shall act to make laws, to establish governing organisations, to adjudicate and to review for the protection of the Principles.

4.2 Laws include decrees, laws, rules, customs and codes of any kind for each person alone and in community.

4.3 Governing organisations include governments, departments, agencies, cabinets, committees, conventions, courts or other forms of organisation created by any person alone or in community, for the purpose of applying the Laws.

4.4 Adjudications include determinations, decisions, findings, judgments or other form of adjudication made by a person alone or in community for the resolution of issues arising from the application of the Laws by the Governing organisations.

4.5 Reviews of the Laws, Governing organisations and Adjudications shall be undertaken by any person alone or in community for the purpose of assessing and reporting on the effectiveness of the Laws, Governing organisations and Adjudications.

5. Constitution Regulations

Regulations may be made under this Constitution for the maintenance and advancement of the Principles and Acts under this Constitution.

Peoples of the World